item#: AS1003
ASI Septic Care
Commercial strength digestant formulated for home septic systems.
price: $22.32

Regular addition of ASI Septic Care introduces large numbers of benefical bateria to your home drain field or mound systems.  Benefical bacteria can then disgest and liquefy organic waste and extend the life of the septic system.  

INSTRUCTIONS: On initial treatment, for every 500 gallons of capacity, mix one pound of ASI SEPTIC CARE with ONE gallon of warm (85° to 100° F.) water. For best results, allow to stand for thirty minutes prior to pouring into toilet and flushing. Then use a quarter pound per month to insure proper working condition. To keep drain field, leach bed or mound operating properly, dissolve ONE pound of ASI SEPTIC CARE into a gallon of warm water, following instructions. Pour into distribution box or breather pipe. Repeat weekly until flow is improved.  

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