CintoFlex 6.5' Mesh Poultry Netting
Mesh Opening .51" x .59"
Price: $283.99
Item#: TNX60032409
Mesh Opening .71" x .98"
Price: $283.99
Item#: TNX60050409
Mesh Opening .87" x 1.38"
Price: $283.99
Item#: TNX60020409

Tenax® Aviary Net is perfect for raising birds of any kind. Tenax Aviary Net is safe and its unique polypropylene mesh structure holds up to even the toughest birds. Great for use with chickens, ducks, turkeys and other game birds. 

Tenax Aviary Net is strong, reusable and versatile. It is ideal for creating cages and area nets without tangling. You may also use Tenax Aviary Net as perimeter fence, perfect for long term or temporary needs.

Sold per roll. Total roll length is 330'.

Features & Benefits:
Lightweight - easy to carry
• UV stabilized - long lasting
• Reusable and recyclable
• Won’t rust, rot or corrode 

Height 6.5'
Length 330'
Color Black
Mesh Opening Size


.51" x .59"
.71" x .98"
.87" x 1.38" 
Weight  38 pounds
Longitudinal Tensile Strength
(Side to Side) 
280 pounds/ft.
Transversal Tensile Strength
300 pounds/ft.


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