Country Vet Air Freshener Refill Cans
Clean & Fresh
Price: $6.14
Item#: 01-001
Price: $6.14
Item#: 01-002
Price: $6.14
Item#: 01-003
Clean Cotton
Price: $6.48
Item#: 01-021
Dutch Apple Spice
Price: $6.05
Item#: 01-33-4701CVCA

Refill air freshener cans for Country Vet automatic dispensers. Country Vet Metered Air Freshener refills contain only premium fragrances with odor counteratctants to actually eliminate offensive odors and create a pleasant, hygienic environment - automatically! Use Country Vet Metered Air Freshening Systems to eliminate odors and create a fresh hygienic environment anywhere around the home. Priced per can. 

Try Country Vet Metered Fly Spray to quickly kill flies and control their presence in your home, shop or office. 

Use with Country Vet Automatic Metered Dispenser (01-008).