Feed-O-Matic Chicken Feeder
26.5 lbs (12 kg)
Price: $78.53
Item#: HAF12F
44 lbs (20 kg)
Price: $84.99
Item#: HAF20F


Eliminate feed loss problems from rats, mice and other birds with the Feed-O-Matic!

The innovative design of the Feed-O-Matic allows poultry to easily access feed while keeping rats, mice and wild birds from being able to reach the feed trough. A metal door flap covers the feed trough when not in use and quickly opens when a bird steps onto the green front step. The covered feed trough helps minimize feed waste and spoilage while ensuring only your birds are able to access the feed.

The Feed-O-Matic feeders work best with dry pellet or crumble feed. Mash, whole grain and grit can cause the feeder trough to become clogged and limit flow.

The Feed-O-Matic features 1mm galvanized sheet metal construction and a durable heavy plastic latching lid. The front step is also constructed of durable heavy duty plastic and is designed to allow water and litter to fall through the grates.

The Feed-O-Matic will quickly pay for itself by saving you money on feed costs and minimizing or eliminating the need to use rat/mouse bait!

Model # HAF12F HAF20F
Feed Capacity 26.5 lbs (12 kg)  44 lbs (20 kg) 
Dimensions 13-1/8"W
8-3/4"D (19"D to front of step) 
10"D (20-1/4" to front of step) 
Weight 16 lbs 19 lbs

Feeder ships securely packaged in a cardboard box. Requires minimal assembly by attaching the front step and lid to feeder body. All required hardware included.  

DISCLAIMER: The Feed-O-Matic feeder is a highly effective device designed to prevent wild birds, mice, rats and other small rodents from accessing poultry feed stored in the feeder. Extremely large rats, squirrels and heavy infestations of vermin have the potential to push the door open or chew through the plastic lid or trough. Only dry pellet and crumble feed should be used in the Feed-O-Matic. For bio-security purposes, we are unable to return any feeders once they have been exposed to poultry, feed, or farm locations. All refunds will incur a 15% re-stocking fee.