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Georgia FFA Barn Rebuilds after Fire

Georgia FFA Barn Rebuilds after Fire

kids in FFA barn 

Perry, GA -- Almost 7 months after the Perry FFA suffered a devastating loss after their pig barn burnt down, the FFA barn and students are up and running again.

The overnight fire killed 55 pigs the FFA students were raising and resulted in a complete loss of the building structure. “While the students were devastated by the loss, the support and energy in the FFA program have been an outpouring,” said Ashley Denton, Perry Ag Instructor.

FFA kids

The new 40’x154’ barn, approximately 800 square feet larger than the previous barn, hosts 65 individual pens. “We expect that all pens will be full with pigs again by this fall,” said Denton. 

All students utilize this teaching farm through hands-on Animal Science and Animal Production courses, with classes often held at the barn. The Perry FFA is made up of over 330 middle school and high school students combined. “This facility offers many students, that otherwise may not have had the chance, the opportunity to have hands-on experience showing and caring for livestock, ” said Denton.

assignment board for FFA barn

 “Our kids do a great job taking care of the animals and facilities; they really take pride in what they do. We are excited about the new barn providing a more controlled environment and the ability to continue this program for the students” said Denton.

On August 16, 2018, at 6 PM the Perry, Georgia FFA will be hosting an open house at its new 65-head show pig barn open to the public.

FFA barn exterior shot

Exterior shot of FFA Barn

FFA Barn fans

Two 36" AirStorm fans and two Windstorm 36" box fans provide ventilation.

FFA Barn stir fans

Windstorm 18" stir fans mounted above each pen furnish additional air flow 

AquaChief water cup

AquaChief water cups provide fresh, clean water

HSi medicator

A medicated watering system is used throughout the barn.

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