item#: HSCD-100
Grower SELECT® Grow-Disk™ Controller
Standalone control unit that services both finisher and sow farm feeding applications.
price: $663.75

LCD display allows easy monitoring of controller to know what is happening and when.

The GrowerSELECT® Grow-Disk™ chain disk feeding system controller offers multiple feeding options and features that make the unit easy to use and program. The HSCD-100 offers manual or automatic operation, up to 12 feeding cycles per day, one touch language selection, a 5 day run history log and 60 day storage of historical feed times. 

Replacement for AP® OEM part number: APCD-600

GrowerSELECT® Grow-Disk™ Controller HSCD-100

Feeding Options:

Continuous Feeding A proximity switch detects feed in the last drop tube or at the end of the feed line. Features feed delay to allow animals to eat before the next cycle.
Timed Feeding User can define up to 12 feed cycle start and dump times over the course of a normal day.
Optional Feed Dump Output Feed dump mechanism can be configured for actuator or electric valve operation, set to dump feed at a specific time of day. Optional input for security switch to ensure dumps are closed before starting feed cycle.
Manual Feeding & Dump Control Allows users to manually start and stop a feed cycle and dumps.
Multi-function Toggle Swith Input A toggle switch can be connected to manually stop the system and restart where it left off, or stop the system until the next cycle.

Features & Benefits:

• Current sensor input for overload protection on feeding system
• Custom portable interface for uploads and downloads of programs
• Memory card allows parameter settings to be saved for specific applications
• Maximum fill time monitored
• Chain Disk motor output 
• Auger motor output
• Alarm Output
• Trouble Light Output
• CSA certified

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