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GrowerSELECT® EVAP Evaporative Cooling System Installation Manual

GrowerSELECT® EVAP Evaporative Cooling System Warranty Information

grower select eval system

The Hog Slat Evaporative System cools incoming air to reduce heat stress in broiler houses.  Adapts to a wide range of building layouts and ventilation systems. 

grower Select eval system pump

System is fed by a trouble free Jet Pump powered by a 120/240V, 3/4 HP motor. 12 Mesh strainer prevents smaller debris from plugging spray bar holes.

Aluminum open-top system allows easy inspection of spray bar. The top is secured with Tri-Knob fasteners with rust resistant brass inserts for easy removal. The single point pad retainer allows complete wetting of the pad top unlike competitive systems where as much as the top 3" remians dry. 

grower select evap system top cover

grower select evap system spray bar

Large capacity Spray Bar features bell end couplers to eliminate 5” dead spots common with coupled pipe.

Large square poly trough offers greater capacity than round troughs and allows for trough to set directly on concrete foundation without brackets. Diamond Cut trough coverincreases drainage area by 33% to eliminate water pooling at the bottom of the pad. Water recycles quicker and pad life is extended because the pad bottom does not remain soggy.

grower Select trough cover

grower select evap system trough

Hog Slat’s heavier and wider Bi-Fold trough bracket is fabricated with two gussets for solid support. Will not shift like single gusseted brackets and allow trough to sag.

System features H2PAD with a choice of heights up to six foot. H2PADs are a self-cleaning 45/15 flute design with 3/4” ProTec edging. ProTech bottom edging is also available.

grower Select H2PAD