Jobe™ Topaz™ Trough Float Valve
3/4" NPT Inlet - Detachable Long Tail Base
Price: $88.33
1" NPT Inlet - Detachable Base
Price: $78.31
Item#: JOTPV1D

Topaz trough valves are float operated valves for use in automatic filling of water troughs, tanks, cisterns etc. The valve is configured for above or below water mounting. The float operates a small pilot valve which in turn operates the main diaphragm valve. Topaz trough valves are a good choice where their high flow, compact, robust, non corrosive construction and high level of adaptability are needed. Supplied with standard 125mm wide float.

• JOTPV1D: 80 GPM @ 75 PSI
• JOTPV20DLT: 55 GPM @ 75 PSI

Detachable Long Tail base model provides extra length on the mounting base for thicker stock tanks or mounting surfaces. 


• Animal drinking troughs 
• Water storage tanks 
• Water Cisterns
• Air conditioning / Evaporative Cooling Systems
• High Pressure Cleaning Systems
• Irrigation applications

Features & Benefits:
• Top, Side or Bottom mounting options
• Compact robust construction 

• Mounts vertically or horizontally
• Shuts down slowly to minimize water hammer
• Pressure range 0.3-7 Bar (5- 100 PSI)
• Non corrosive material construction 
• Has switch to lock valve in off position

Valve Body ABS
White & Yellow
Internal Parts
Filter Acetal
Diaphragm EPDM
Seal Urethane
Float HDPE
Seal Washer LDPE
Spring, Bolts, Nuts
Pins & Screws 
304 Stainless Steel
Detach Seal Santoprene
O-Rings Nitrile
Float Cord Polyester

Model A B C D E F G H
Detach Base (JOMFV1D) 3-1/2" 3-15/16" 5-1/4" 4-7/8" 2-9/32" 4-11/16" 6-15/16" 7/8"
Long Tail Base (JOMFV20DLT) 3-1/2" 3-15/16" 5-1/4" 4-7/8" 2-9/32" 4-11/16" 6-15/16" 1-1/2"
Jobe™ Topaz™ Dimensions Diagram
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