NP1 Caulk 10 oz. Tubes
Black - 10 oz.
Price: $5.85
Item#: 59500B
Gray - 10 oz.
Price: $5.86
Item#: 59500G
White - 10 oz.
Price: $5.86
Item#: 59500

NP1 Sonolastic® caulk is perfect for sealing cracks, joints and other gaps. Remains flexible after curing and can be painted over. Sold per tube.

NP1 polyurethane caulk can be used for many indoor and outdoor applications. Perfect for sealing windows and door frames, roofing substrates, cladding joints and more. 

NP1 bonds to metals, masonry, wood, vinyl, cement fiber board, granite and marble. This caulk is non-shrinking, flexible, cures in less than 72 hours and can be painted with a variety of coatings.

Size: 10 oz. 
Colors: Black, White, Gray

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