item#: AG-200
ScaleBlaster® AG-200
For use on pipe up to 2" in diameter. Eliminates problems caused by lime scale build-up.
price: $1,209.54

The ScaleBlaster AG-200 comes with everything needed to install the device on your drinking water or cool cell supply lines. 

How It Works:
ScaleBlaster® is a compact, state-of-the art, computerized system installed on the incoming waterline of the house or building. It produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that changes the physical shape, size and charge of the calcium molecules and causes them to lose their adhesive properties.

• It keeps your drinking systems scalefree, thus reducing labor costs on extra cleaning.
• Cleaner water systems improve water flow and helps decrease wet litter conditions and make all your water
systems work more efficiently.
• It reduces and works to prevent scale buildup on cool cell pads, allowing them to operate with better efficiency.
• It can improve the life of your evaporative pad, thus keeping replacement cost down and less frequent.
• Keeps scale from building up in fogger misters.

*See Resources Tab for product specifications and on-farm case study results

ScaleBLASTER® AG-200 Spec Sheet

ScaleBLASTER® AG-200 Spec Sheet

ScaleBLASTER® Green Drinker Case Study

ScaleBLASTER® Red Bell Drinker Case Study 


PIPE SIZE CAPACITY: up to 2" pipe size diameter.
PIPE TYPE: PVC, copper or any non-ferrous based pipe.
INPUT VOLTAGE: 90-264 VAC @ 47 to 63Hz
INPUT POWER: less then 5 Watts
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: no more then 5 Volts DC (open circuit).
INPUT FUSE: 1 amp, 250VAC, 5x20mm, fast acting, Radio Shack # 270-1049
OUTPUT FUSE: 3.15A, 250VAC, 5x20mm, fast acting, Radio Shack # 270-1054
DESCALING METHOD: The control box supplies a square wave signal to a coil of wire that is wrapped around the pipe. The signal is swept anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 times a second, producing a modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium molecules causing them to lose it's adhesiveness.
ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: 16 guage steel, powder coated ANSI 61 gray. NEMA 12, 13, 4. UL 508 type 3R, 4, 12 & 13. CSA Type 3R, 4, 12 &13. IEC 60529, IP66. Weatherproof enclosure.
SIGNAL CABLE: 18 gauge, single stranded wire, 56 feet long.
WARRANTY: 5 years parts and labor.
CARTON DIMENSIONS: 18.5" x 14.5" x 10.5”

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