Solaira™ SMaRT 34A & 16A DV Heater Controls
Price: $259.98
Item#: SMART16-DV
Price: $603.32
Item#: SMART34-DV

Solaira SMaRT controllers allow users to variably control Alpha electric heater output to maximize comfort levels.

NEW DUAL VOLTAGE 34 and 16 AMP Variable control
34 AMP unit will control up to 6.4kW @208/240V and 3.2kW @120V

16 AMP unit will control up to 3.2kW @208/240V and 1.6kW @ 120V

• Allows for variable output of Quartz S-Wave and Tube Patio Heaters
• Optional Remote Temperature Monitor can be added to monitor temperature in the area to keep the heaters from coming on when it is warmer then the pre-set
• Optional handheld remote control (line of sight Infrared control)
• cETL-SP1000 Canada Inspected (Electrician to validate suitability to local, state/provincial and National Electrical Code N.E.C. requirements)

Solaira SMaRT Dual Voltage Electric Heater Variable Output Controls Specifications Sheet