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SowMAX Ad-Lib Sow Feeder
Ad-Lib sow feed dispenser for lactating and post-wean sows.
price: $50.00

The SowMAX ad-lib dispenser promotes full feed intake of sows by making feed available 24/7. All stainless steel construction with adjustable trigger mechanism; the SowMAX mounts above the feed bowl on farrowing stall head gates. The adjuster on the side of the feeder quickly changes the amount of feed that drops into the bowl each time the trigger is moved by the sow.

SowMAX feed capacity without hopper = 6.5 pounds

• Promotes full feed intake by lactating sows to reach full milk production potential
• Reduces feed waste by only providing feed when a sow activates the trigger
• Keep fresh feed available so sows can eat at any time of day
• Helps maintain body condition scores between farrowing, weaning and next breeding

See Accessories tab for 14 pound capacity plastic SowMAX hopper (HS535). When added to the SowMAX feeder, total feed capacity becomes 20.5 pounds. 

SowMAX Feeder Performance Study Results - Dr. W. L. "Billy" Flowers - NC State University 

Sowmax ebook

Click to Download the SowMAX ebook!

It's our illustrated manual on feeding sows in lactation with SowMAX. See the section on ordering hardware and brackets to add SowMAX dispensers to your farrowing crates.

Head Gate Diagram for SowMAX 

Click here to go the interactive gate diagram.  Send us a copy along with photos for an estimate on adding SowMAXs to your existing farrowing crates.  

sowMAX head gate
A- Distance from Clip to Gate Top 
B- Length of Top Clip
C-Distance between Clips
D- Length of Bottom Clip
E- Distance from Clip to Gate Bottom
F- Gate Width
G- Gate Width Including Clips
H- Total Gate Height

Below is a diagram of the parts needed to add SowMax to a standard Hog Slat gestation crate.  Call 866.464.7528 to order.