GrowerSELECT HS529 Hopper Level Control English Spanish Parts Wiring Installation Instructions

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA September 2019 Rev A8 2 Grow-FlexTM Feed System Hog Applications For the majority of Hog Installations, the Hopper Level Control is installed in the last hopper that is located at the end of the Delivery System. Installation: The HS529 Hopper Level Control should be installed in the last hopper or feeder which is located at the end of the delivery or fill system. The unit should be mounted low in the hopper or feeder so the fill level in the control hopper will be lower than the others. This will cause the fill system to cycle more frequently insuring a proper feed level in every hopper or feeder. It will also provide a reservoir of feed in the system if another control hopper calls for feed. The feed drop tube should be positioned so that feed is delivered to the center and near the top of the control in front of paddle. Drop tubes and other control units should be positioned high in other hoppers or feeders so that they will fill but not overflow. Important: The HS529 must be mounted vertically to ensure the proper movement of the switch and paddle assembly. HS529 Hopper Level Control Mounted Vertically Determine the desired placement of the Control Unit and drill (2) 9/32” (7.2mm) diameter holes using the Mounting Bracket as a guide to determine hole spacing. Assemble the mounting bracket using the supplier ¼- 20 hex bolts and lock nuts. (For those applications where there is not a suitable vertical surface on the hopper or feeder; the Mounting Bracket should be bent or formed to ensure the Control unit is completely vertical when installed into the Mounting Bracket.) Install the Control Unit into the mounting bracket. Note: The mounting bracket bolted directly to the Control Unit can be shifted between the two sets of screws to achieve the optimum location within the hopper or feeder. The two sets of screws are approximately 2” (50mm) apart.