GrowerSELECT HS529 Hopper Level Control English Spanish Parts Wiring Installation Instructions

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA September 2019 Rev A8 4 Grow-FlexTM Feed System For applications involving the use of HS529 Hopper Level Control with AP’s FLX-4496 and FLX-4520 Controllers; the included jumper and wire nut kit must be used for direct connection to the AP units. Wiring for use with AP FLX-4496 or FLX-4520 Switch and Paddle Adjustment: The Hopper Control is set at the factory for Switch Sensitivity and Paddle Position for average feed weight and consistency. It is normal for the installer to make some fine tune adjustments based on actual feed weight and consistency. Important: The External Adjustment Nut is for paddle position only. Switch sensitivity can only be adjusted internally. Paddle Positioning 1. Place Control Unit in a vertical position with NO FEED in front of paddle. 2. Turn external nut CLOCKWISE until switch actuates (clicks). 3. Turn nut back COUNTER-CLOCKWISE until switch de-activates (clicks). 4. Turn nut TWO (2) additional full turns COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. Switch Sensitivity Adjustment: 1. Remove four (4) screws and lid from white control box on Control Unit. 2. Loosen the two (2) #6 slotted, hex washer head screws securing switch bracket inside white box. 3. Slide switch and bracket assembly accordingly: a. RIGHT to make unit Less Sensitive, requiring more feed to actuate b. LEFT to make More Sensitive, requiring less feed to actuate. 4. Re-tighten screws (do not over-tighten and strip) 5. Important: Paddle Position must be re-adjusted whenever switch sensitivity is adjusted.