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Vanberg Coatings Joins Hog Slat at EuroTier

Vanberg at Eurotier

Joining Hog Slat in our booth this year at EuroTier was Paul Vanberg and his son Matt from Vanberg Specialized Coatings.  Vanberg Coatings products are recognized in the U.S. industry as the premier repair and protection products for both concrete and metal.


The concrete product line includes:


Con-Korite.  Our “go to” for repairing broken slat edges and restoring corroded slats. (see more…..)


Eco-Crete.  Good choice for routine repair on all concrete surfaces. (see more…..)


Armor-Rock.  The tough stuff!  Use around feeders and waterers to protect slats from aggressive chemicals and pig traffic (see more…..)



Metal repair products include:


EM-15 Epoxy Mastic:  Used for interior repairs on metal ceilings and walls. (see more…..)


AMC-100 Coating:  Exterior use on roofs and feed Bins. (see more…..)




Paul commented, “This was Vanberg Coatings first exposure to a world-wide audience.  I’ll tell you one thing all livestock and poultry producers have in common,”


“They are pretty tired of using products that have not worked!”


“We introduced products used successfully for years in the U.S. to a whole new group of producers. Working with Hog Slat makes our products available in Europe, China and Latin America.”

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