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Concrete Repair

Formulated with Pure Cement Technology, products from Vanberg Specialized Coatings provide a fast-setting, extra abrasion resistant, high strength, and non-shrink mortar for repairing and protecting concrete floors, slats, and troughs. A Hog Slat exclusive, Eco-Crete is the choice for routine maintenance. Con-Korite Xtra Mortar is a versatile high-performance product used in a broad range of applications including interior/exterior patching, grouting slats, and repairing moderate slat damage. Mix Con-Korite with water or with KB25 Acrylic Resin for enhanced bonding and wear resistance. Protect new concrete surfaces around feeders and waterers with Armor-Rock

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Repair loose anchor bolts without removing them and fill concrete cracks with this easy to use tube.

EPO-SET 400 Mixing Tube

Extra mixing tube tip for EPO-SET 400.

1/2" x 4" Prop Mixer

Heavy duty prop designed to thoroughly mix concrete repair products, urethanes, epoxies and mortars.

Armor-Rock™ 3800 Epoxy Overlay

A new formulation that is harder and more chemical resistant to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Create corrosion resistant covering over concrete surfaces. Use instead of slat mats around feeders.

CON-KORITE™ Xtra Mortar - 55 lb Bag

The industry's leading concrete repair product to repair damaged slats, troughs, feeding pads, walkways and more. Packaged in heavy-duty paper bag.

CON-KORITE™ Xtra Mortar - 55 lb Pail

The industry's leading concrete repair product to repair damaged slats, troughs, feeding pads, walkways and more. Packaged in plastic pail.

CON-KORITE™ Xtra Plus Mortar Kit

This kit contains a complete concrete repair system in a bucket!

ECO-CRETE Slat Patch - 50 lb Pail

Hog Slat exclusive from Vanberg Specialized Coatings. The choice for routine repairs on slat and other concrete surfaces.
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KB25 Acrylic Resin - 1 Gallon

Use to enhance bond of Con-Korite to concrete surfaces during repair.

KB25 Acrylic Resin - 5 Gallon

Use to enchance bond to concrete surfaces during repair.


Rough floors leveled fast! Fast Set Leveling & Low-Shrink High-Strength Repair Mortar.

ARMOR-STONE™ Epoxy Mortar Kit

The Armor-Stone kit is a unique blend of ARMORCOAT epoxy and aggregates that work together to form a tough wearing chemical resistant repair product.