item#: AS1000
ASI Pit Hammer Plus
Two gallon container of concentrate.
price: $170.29

Pit Hammer Plus contains trillions of bacteria that safely digest and liquefy solids to reduce odor admissions in pits.  The addition of citronella oil acts as an aid in controlling insect infestations.

Directions for Use


For Shallow Pit Buildings

Gestation/Farrowing     1/2 Gallon Per/250 Sows/Per-Pit/Per-Month

Nursery or Finishing      1 Gallon Per/1000 Pigs/Per-Pit/Per-Month

For Deep Pit Buildings   1 gallon of ASI Pit Hammer Plus treats 100,000 gallons of pit waste.

For initial application of ASI Pit Hammer Plus, double the dosage for the first 2 to 3 months.

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