Classic Flood Pan Feeders

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  • Manufactured from UV stablized
    polypropylene using NO LEAD OR
  • Flood windows increase feed in pans
    to attract chicks
  • Reinforced wear areas in the pan
  • Compatible with Chore-Time® Model
    C2® Plus feeders. 

Classic Flood Feed Pan
classic flood adjustment
Easy-to-Read Feed Level Indicator
classic flood cone comparison

• Standard or 1/2" longer extended fin
• Extended fins keep the cone off the pan bottom
maintaining feed flow 

Classic Flood 8-spoke grillClassic Flood 14-spoke grill

Available with 8 or 14-spoke grills
Classic Flood removable top

Optional Two-Piece Cone for installation 
on existing feed pipes

Standard Rolled Feed Pipe
HS8000-5R Support cone w/removable top (standard fin)
HS8000-6R Removable top
45mm Smooth Pipe
HS8000-9  45mm Support cone w/ removable top  (standard fin)
HS8000-10  45mm Removable top 

GrowerSELECT® Classic Flood Limited Warranty Extension Conditions & Limitations