Chicken & Poultry Water Drinking

Keeping fresh, clean drinking water available to your backyard chickens, waterfowl or other birds is essential to their well being. The FARMSTEAD line of products offers multiple solutions to your needs regardless of the amount or age of your birds. 

BEST SELLER! The 3 nipple drinking bucket is perfect for starting chicks or keeping your grown flock watered. The unique design keeps water clean, makes refilling easy and features 3 commercial grade drinking nipples that provide excellent water flow. 
HD12N 3 Nipple Chicken Drinking Bucket

Turn any 5 gallon bucket or PVC pipe into a water source for your birds with our push in drinking nipples. Simply drill a hole, push the nipple and gromet into the opening and then you're done. Combine with the Kerick Mini-Float Valve and 3/4" bulkhead fitting to create a gravity pressure bulk drinking tank solution. 
FS110 Push In Chicken Nipple

A traditional gravity flow drinking fountain is great for getting new chicks started or when an open water source is desired. The Ignition V drinking fountain is a great choice and can be set on the ground or hung from a cord.