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Coveralls, Gloves & Protective Equipment

Latex gloves, vinyl gloves and coveralls for your farm or facility biosecurity needs. Use gloves to minimze human contact while handling animals and coveralls to reduce the chances of introducing or transferring organic material between buildings and farms. Stock up on these supplies so that all farm workers, service personnel and visitors can easily access them before entering your farm buildings or facilities. 

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Disposable Poly Coveralls - Lightweight

Polypropylene is breathable and very lightweight, which makes it perfect for the workplace where constant dirt and grime are encountered.
From $2.12

Tyvek® Disposable Coveralls w/ Collar

Tyvek® garments are composed of flash spun high-density polyethylene which creates a unique, non-woven material that provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.
From $10.44

Disposable Latex and Vinyl Gloves

Comfortable fit with highest degree of tactile sense. Pre-powdered. 100 per box.
From $4.55

Hair Net

21" dia., Bouffant style cap constructed of lint-free polypropylene. 100 per bag.

Ear plugs, Disposable

Disposable foam ear plugs. 200 pairs/ box Pura-Fit® NRR3

Tingley® Yellow 3 Piece Rain Suit, .35MM PVC/Polyester, 14Mil

Grower SELECT® Stainless Steel Igniter 3" Long for Hired Hand® forced air furnace heaters.
From $16.95

Tingley Comfort-Tuff® Yellow 2 Piece Rain Suit

Stanfield® Heat Pad 1' x 3' Single Litter Piglet Heat Pad - 80 watt
From $25.95

Tingley Comfort-Tuff® Orange 2 Piece Rain Suit

Honeywell LP and NG gas valves for Hired Hand® 75M & 225M Super Saver XL Gas Valves Propane (LPG)
From $0.00