Porky's Pick Up Pig Hearse

Porky's Pick Up

Self-Propelled Pig Hearse

Porky's Pick Up is a self-propelled pig hearse that swiftly rides the operatior to the pen for safe, hassle-free roll on loading of dead pigs directly from the ground. With the simple press of a load button, the carcass is loaded on the cart and easily moved to the disposal site. Pressing the unload button backs the carcass off the cart automatically. 

• Allows any employee to safely remove dead animals

• Eliminates dragging carcass on the floor

• Easy steering and 180° turning capabilities

• Easily manuvers narrow alleys, pens and corridors

• Climbs alley ramps, lips and curbs
Porky's Pick Up Rider
Porky's Pick Up Specifications

Porky's Pick Up Features