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Cups & Hardware

The AquaChief™ and AquaBowl™ from Hog Slat® will help you save water and money! Combined with their matching AquaChief or AquaFlo trigger nipples, water and supplements are collected and drank, not wasted like they would be from a hanging spray nipple. Whether you are "keeping" a hog or two, raising show pigs or run a large integrated operation, Hog Slat offers you the best solutions for your nursery pigs, wean to finish and sow drinking cups, hardware and accessories needs.

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AquaChief™ Complete Drinker (Single Mount)

AquaChief™ complete single mount cup waterer kit. Includes water cup, water pipe with nipple, backing plates and all mounting hardware.

AquaChief™ Pig Water Cup (Base Unit)

AquaChief™ base unit water cup for pigs. Includes water cup and 48" galvanized water pipe with nipple.

Hog Slat® Double Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Hog Slat® stainless steel welded double hog water cups with 50" SS square water pipe and pipe mounting bracket kit. Finishing and Nursery pig sizes available.
From $78.00

Hog Slat® Single Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Grower SELECT® Twin Tandem Unloader Kits - Single Slide Model 55 for Flexible Auger Systems
From $64.00

Hog Slat® Farrowing Water Cup

Hog Slat® 304 stainless steel farrowing water cup with Stingy® Econo nipple. Mounting bolts not included.

Bolt Hex Cap 1/4-20 X 1/2 SS

Ridg-Vent® Roof Vents Galvanized

AquaBowl™ Only

The AquaBowl™ is a formed, one-piece stainless steel basin with no sharp corners to injure animals or collect debris. Bowl only.
From $14.14

Pipe Assembly with AquaFlo Trigger NIpple

48" Long Stainless Steel Pipe Complete with AquaFlo Trigger Nipple

Hog Slat® Flooring Fastener - 4 Pack

M8 x 50mm flooring fastener allows accessories such as the Aqua Bowl to be quickly attached to narrow slotted plastic, metal and cast flooring.

Smart Fastener

Labor saving fastener that allows installation from above the floor.
From $3.12

Brass Swivel Adapter - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" FGHT

Brass swivel adapter with 3/4" FGHT fitting that reduces to 1/2" FPT.

AquaChief™ Wean/Finish Cup Only

AquaChief™ Wean/Finish Cup Only

AquaChief™ 1/2" x 48" Straight Pipe w/ Nipple

48" stainless steel straight water pipe assembly with AquaChief™ trigger nipple.

AquaChief™ 1/2" X 48" Straight Pipe w/o Nipple

AquaChief™ straight water pipe with welded attachment tab. 1/2'' X 48''.

AquaChief™ 1/2" X 11-3/4" Straight Pipe w/o Nipple

AquaChief™ straight water pipe with welded attachment tab. 1/2'' X 11-3/4''.

Hog Slat® Water Cup Pipe Clamp Kit

Stainless steel water cup pipe clamp kit to attach 1/2" water pipe to Hog Slat® steel penning and gating equipment.

AquaChief™ Mounting Hardware Kit

Hardware kit for mounting the AquaChief™ water cup in a single or back-to-back application.

AquaChief™ Galvanized Back Plate

AquaChief™ back plate, galvanized metal finish. Dimensions 1'' X 8'' X 1/4''.