GrowerSELECT HS600 Series Feed Line Drop Adaptor Installation

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA June 2020 5 Grow-FlexTM Feed System 5. Locate Cords in slots of Outlet Drop. Assemble Cover to top of Outlet Drop over Shutoff Assembly. 6. Assemble supplied Clamps on each end of Outlet Assembly to prevent sliding and rotation. Make sure the entire Outlet Drop is centered over the Outlet Hole. Adjust Outlet drop for proper downward orientation and tighten claps to hold in place. Note: Make sure that Cords are still in guide slots and move freely prior to tightening Clamps. 7. Determine the appropriate length of Cord needed to ensure greatest ease of actuation. Assemble Indicator Balls on the Cord ends and knot the Cord ends so the Indicator Balls will not pull off. Green Indicator Ball should be assembled to end of Cord closest to retainer pocket of Shutoff or the “Open” position. Check by looking up through the Drop opening. Knot the Cord ends so the Indicator Ball will not pull off. Check for proper function by using Indicator Balls to open and close Outlet Drop.