Hog Slat Tego Tunnel Door Installation Guide

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2020 4 Ventilation System Seal Installation (TD850) These instructions apply to installation of part number, TD850, only. Installation of other types of seals will vary. Inspect the inside edge of the Perimeter frame and make sure it is not damaged as the seal fits squarely against that edge. (Figure 4) If damaged, it will need replacing to insure proper fit and function of seal. Figure 4 Starting at any corner, miter cut seal at a 45° angle. Attach seal to Perimeter frame using 1” Galvanized Roofing Nails spaced approximately 6” apart, maximum. Equivalent 1” or longer Galvanized Staples are also acceptable. Slightly stretch seal during installation. Nail/Staples should be positioned on flat surface of seal. All subsequent corners and mating sections of seal should be miter cut also. (Figure 5) Seal should be straight and flat against Perimeter boards. Figure 5 It should not be necessary to splice seal at any point; however, if the need arises the seal should be parallel miter cut for best fit and function. (Figure 5A)