Hog Slat Tego Tunnel Door Installation Guide

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2020 6 Ventilation System Door Preparation – Split Bolt Tunnel Doors should be unpacked and placed along wall opening with the hinges toward the ground. If a narrow (30” wide door section) is required for proper length fit, it should be positioned as close to the center of the entire door length as possible. It is not recommended that the smaller panel be positioned on either end of door length as this will make sealing the corners more difficult due to position of handle bracket. All split bolts should be assembled toward the inside of house and 4” from top of door. For doors that are less than 48” wide, locate split bolt in center of door width. Doors 48” wide but less than 92” wide locate split bolts 12” from each side. Doors 92” and wider locate split bolts 16” from each side. Drill ½” diameter hole for split bolts in specified location depending on door width. Insert bolt and flat washer through door and secure with second flat washer and nylon lock nut. Caution: Do not over tighten these bolts as the Tunnel Door can be deformed or damaged. Place blue plastic nut on end of split bolt. (See Figure 6) This should be completed for all door panels. Split bolt location for doors less than 48” wide Split bolt locations for doors 48” and wider Figure 6 On the second door panel from each end of house, drill a 5/16” hole 2” below split bolt closest to that end. Insert a 5/16 - 4” eyebolt and secure with 2 washers and 2 nuts (one on each side of door). Eye should be oriented horizontal and to the outside of door. This is to provide for safety cable connection. This procedure should also be completed for two other door sections, evenly spaced along the door length. This would make a total of four safety cable connections point along the door length. Door Assembly to Wall Note: Door-to-Wall Assembly will take at least two people. First, orient bottom hinges (if necessary) for proper assembly to wall. Starting at one end of framed opening; position first door panel so that top and side of door are located flush with outside edge of P-Seal. Door should be level. Drive at least one #9-1 ½” Galvanized Self Tapping Screw (Provided) in each of the left and right hinges to bottom Perimeter Board to hold door in place. This door should be temporarily secured to wall using a temporary rope tied to temporary nail in top Perimeter board and door split bolt. Second door panel, should be assembled to first door panel by aligning and snapping together the “C’ channel. The height of second door panel should be aligned to first door panel, second panel should be leveled and then hinges fastened to bottom Perimeter board as done with first panel. Note: Height alignment and proper seating of “C” channel should be done with a Rubber Mallet. Door should only be struck at corners. The use of anything else could result in door damage. This process should be repeated until all door panels are in place. It will be necessary to secure the door system to wall with additional temporary attachment points along the door length.