Hog Slat Tego Tunnel Door Installation Guide

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2020 11 Ventilation System Safety Cable Attachment Manually open Tunnel Door System about 12” to 18”. Attach a Cup Hook at four points under the top of the door opening as not to interfere with the door closing opposite the Eye Bolts assembled in door brackets (See Figure 15). Assemble 1/8” Galvanized Cable looped with cable clamp to each Eye Bolt. Note: cable should be 60” long. Figure 15 Using control machine, open door to max opening previously set. Attach other end of 1/8” Safety Cable to Eye Bolts with cable clamp allowing about 1” slack. Final Adjustment Manually open and close Tunnel Door System several times and check for proper function and any binding. This also allows the Nylon ropes to stretch and system to seat together. Close the Tunnel Door System and recheck the P-Seal compression. Make any adjustments necessary to get proper compression of P-Seal. Pay special attention to the top corners of the door system as these are areas prone to leakage.