Hog Slat Tego Tunnel Door Installation Guide

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2020 10 Ventilation System Special Note for Doors that are positioned close to house end Walls (Less than desired travel distance) In some cases, the Tunnel Doors may be positioned too close to house end wall prohibiting the minimum distance required for end door(s) attachment point to Control Rod. This would be less than 52” for four (4) foot tall doors and 64” for five (5) foot tall doors. This will require a pull “double-back” to be used to gain sufficient travel of control cords. The number of “double-backs” required will be contingent on door height (width) and proximity to end wall. This is not an uncommon situation and used frequently in curtain applications. See (Figure 13) for a sample of “double-back” pulley. Figure 13 Tunnel Door Adjustment With the control machine and winch both set to the “Closed” position and the control machine limits adjusted; starting in the middle of the Tunnel Door, adjust each individual Nylon Rope so the maximum P-Seal compression is about ¼”. Each individual Nylon Rope should be adjusted in a similar manner moving away from center of door doing one side and then the other. Any more compression than ¼” will not improve seal and only put additional stress on Tunnel Door components. Manually open door with the control machine until opening from wall to top edge of door is 45” for 5’ doors and 35” for 4’ doors (See Figure 14). The control machine’s “Open” set point should be adjusted to this point. Figure 14