Hog Slat Tego Tunnel Door Installation Guide

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA January 2020 9 Ventilation System In the case of 60” (5 foot) tall doors where each panel is 48” (4 feet) wide; two panels are to be treated as one for cord attachment to Control Rod. This means there will be a total of four (4) cords attached at a single point on the control rod. Position of this attachment point is the same as for the 48” high door which is 4” plus the height of the door from the closet split bolt toward the control machine (i.e. 64”). (See Figure 10) Figure 10 The attachment of the Nylon cords to the Control Rod is made with a 3/16” Cable Clamp. Nylon cords are slipped through the clamp, knotted and clamp is tightened on Control Rod. Nylon Cord can also be tied directly to Control Rod behind the cable clamp (toward Actuation Machine) if desired. Orient cable clamp such that the Control Rod is towards Nut side of clamp (See Figure 11). It is important to get clamps tight as they supporting the weight of the Tunnel Door. Cord is run through 3/4” pulley and attached to split bolt and tighten with the 3/16” plastic nut. Tie a loop in excess cord to help with cord tension adjustment. (See Figure 12) Make sure that Nylon rope creates a straight line and is not looped over or around the Control Rod. Attach the rest of the Nylon cords throughout the entire Tunnel Door System in the same manner. Again, it is important for the Control Rod guide cup hooks to be positioned just past the connection point of the Individual Nylon Ropes as not to interfere with door actuation. Once satisfied that positioning is correct, hook loops should be closed. Figure 11 Figure 12