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Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest turn-key construction contractor building pig and poultry farms in six regions across the United States. Each region maintains a central administrative staff to purchase, account for and manage projects with individual site supervisors on each farm directing actual construction activities from beginning to end.

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  • Southeast region including North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama
  • Midwest region including Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota
  • Southwest region including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and Utah
  • Great Lakes region including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio
  • MO/ARK region including Missouri and Arkansas
  • DELMARVA region including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia

Our completed swine building projects include new construction, additions to and extensive remodels of:

  • sow breeding/gestation/farrowing barns (individual & group sow designs)
  • gilt development/multiplication & boar stud facilities
  • wean-to-finish growing sites
  • nursery pig farms
  • finishing hog barns (deep & shallow pit designs)

for integrator owned company locations, co-ops and individual family owned farms. Our extensive experience in all aspects of building hog barns, from initial concrete foundation and pit work to setting slats and finally installing ventilation, feeding and watering equipment allow us to deliver top quality finished project results that pig producers can trust for many years to come.

Hog Slat Swine Construction Information Flyer

Hog Slat Swine Construction Information Flyer (Spanish)

Hog Farm Construction Photo Albums
New Construction Midwest Finishing Hog Farm_Hog Slat

Hog Slat, including our wholly owned subsidiaries Georgia Poultry Equipment Company and Eastern Shore Poultry Services, have completed an array of poultry farming projects including turn-key new construction, additions to and upgrades/remodels of:

  • broiler chicken houses
  • chicken breeder barns
  • egg layer complexes
  • pullet houses
  • turkey grow-out barns
  • turkey breeder farms

for integrator owned company locations, co-ops and individual family owned farms. Our unique position as a national turn-key construction contractor allows us to control and ensure the finished quality of all project phases; including framing, finishing and installation of complete feeding, watering and ventilation control systems.

Georgia Poultry Construction Information Flyer

Georgia Poultry Construction Information Flyer (Spanish)

Poultry Farm Construction Photo Albums
(Coming Soon!)
Broiler Chicken Barn Framed_Hog Slat

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