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TDM Farms

TDM Farms, Inc. is a United States hog production company comprised of operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana and Illinois. Currently maintaining a sow herd of 35,000 and selling over 800,000 market hogs annually, the company raises livestock in both company owned farms and contract farms with the majority of pigs grown in wean-to-finish facilities. By raising our own livestock, we stay connected to the needs of swine producers. 

We also operate two research facilities. One is a company owned sow farm in North Carolina and the other is a wean-to-finish contract farm in Indiana. With the capability to test new products (steel, concrete, feeding, heating, ventilation, etc.), we can provide proven cost-effective and efficient equipment for our customers. 

Our experience in raising hogs along with the ability to test new products will continue allowing us to design efficient equipment and buildings while establishing the logistics necessary to maintain the animal flow of large multi-site operations.