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Stainless Steel Pig Feeders

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The right hog feeders determine the success of your operation. For over 35 years, Hog Slat stainless steel dry feeders have set the benchmark for efficient feed conversion. Our time-tested design has been proven on farms just like yours; built with features that allow for easy feed management, repeatable performance and superior durability in all pig feeding situations. We offer two different series of feeders to meet a range of hog production needs.

Platinum Series 300

Our Platinum Series 300 feeder line is built using nickel-based, 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel feeders offer unsurpassed corrosion resistance in all feeding and environmental conditions.

Value Series 400

Our Value Series 400 feeder line is built using a chromium-based 439 stainless steel that contains less nickel in the alloy; reducing its corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless steel. Value Series 400 feeders provide substantial cost reduction and include all Hog Slat’s time-proven design benefits.

Features & Benefits

AccuCrank™ Feed Gate Adjustment

The AccuCrank feature gives pork producers the ability to precisely adjust feed trough openings to reduce waste and quickly manage feeding protocols based on pig ages or size. This feature is standard on all nursery, wean-to-finish and finish feeders.

AccuCrank handles are easily adjusted to specific settings on the index plate and locked back into place.AccuCrank handles are easily adjusted to specific settings on the index plate and locked back into place.

  • AccuCrank handles are “factory-zeroed” and adjust up/down at 1/16” per revolution for fine tuning gate positions. An easy-to-read numbered scale permits calibrated settings that are easily reproduced from one group of pigs to the next
  • AccuCrank handles fold into Positive Lock Slots to prevent pigs from wiggling the slide gate out of position
  • The AccuCrank handle is recessed below the top of the feeder to prevent interference from large hogs and damage that could occur when feeders are flipped for cleaning

Quality Design

  • All metal edges are hemmed, adding additional strength to high impact areas while protecting pigs and workers from injuries
  • Easy to clean feed saver lip reduces waste and strengthens the front edge of the feeder, enhancing durability
  • Drop tube holders keep feed tubes securely in place and add rigidity to the hopper walls
  • V-shaped feeder bottom keeps feed flowing and pigs eating, improving intake and conversion
  • Bolt together construction allows quick maintenance between turns, eliminating the time consuming and expensive task of welding if damage occurs
  • Mounting bracket options allow installation of feeders divided between pens, against walls or free-standing to fit any barn layout and feeding requirements
  • Feeder designs are easy to empty, wash and sanitize while preparing for new pigs

Hog Slat Wean-to-Finish Feeder: Double-sided 3-space Platinum Series 300Hog Slat Wean-to-Finish Feeder: Double-sided 3-space Platinum Series 300

Wean-to-Finish Feeders

Hog Slat wean-to-finish feeders are designed to get young pigs off to a quick start and feed growing hogs to market weight efficiently. Solid trough dividers protect pigs of all ages while eating and increase the strength of the feeder to resist damage from larger hogs.

  • Dividers are spaced to keep young pigs out of the feeder and still provide enough room for grown pigs to comfortably feed
  • 36” feeder height increases feeder capacity and also prevents hogs from interfering with drop tubes
  • A smart investment for producers who may experience variation or changes in starting pig sizes
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided models, with 1 thru 6 feeding spaces.

Hog Slat Finishing Feeder- Double-sided 3-space Platinum Series 300Hog Slat Finishing Feeder: Double-sided 3-space Platinum Series 300

Finishing Feeders

Hog Slat pig finishing feeders have been setting the benchmark in efficient feed conversion and reliability for over 35 years. In fact, more pigs are finished on Hog Slat feeders than any other brand in the market. Our finishing feeders are designed for pigs from 30 to 310 pounds in size.

  • Wide spaced trough openings allow large hogs to feed comfortably and encourage feed intake
  • Strong divider rods and 5-1/2” deep trough prevent waste and keep plenty of feed available at all times
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided models, with 1 thru 6 feeding spaces
  • Options for feed capacity ranging from 380 pounds to 763 pounds

Hog Slat Nursery Pig Feeder: Double-sided 6-space Platinum Series 300Hog Slat Nursery Pig Feeder: Double-sided 6-space Platinum Series 300

Nursery Feeders

Hog Slat nursery feeders are built with features that protect young pigs and give them easy access to feed, helping promote a quick start after weaning and consistent growth efficiency. Nursery feeders are recommended for pigs between 12 and 60 pounds.

  • Full trough divider rods prevent pigs from laying in their feed or getting stuck while eating
  • 3” trough depth provides easy access for small pigs and generous feed capacity to encourage eating during the transition to dry feed
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided models, with options of 5 or 6 feeding spaces
  • Options for feed capacity ranging from 106 pounds to 252 pounds

Hog Slat Wet/Dry Pig Feeder: Double-sided 4-space Platinum Series 300Hog Slat Wet/Dry Pig Feeder: Double-sided 4-space Platinum Series 300


Hog Slat wet/dry hog feeders are available in welded and bolted models of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel for increased durability and outstanding corrosion resistance. The adjustment mechanism is constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel with 12 gauge divider panels. Water nipples and feed in the same trough space allows pigs to consume both easily, increasing feed intake while reducing both feed and water waste.

  • Feed gate can be adjusted, allowing incremental changes to fine tune amounts on the feed shelf
  • A special version of our proven Select-A-Flow feed gate adjuster allows precise, incremental changes to fine tune feed amounts on the feed shelf
  • The horizontal water bar easily unbolts and slides out of the feeder body for cleaning or maintenance
  • A two piece water pipe allows easy removal of the vertical pipe from the horizontal pipe
  • Available in double-sided 30” (2 nipples), 48” (3 nipples), 60” (4 nipples), 72” (5 nipples) and 84” (6 nipples) configuration options

Hog Slat Boar FeederHog Slat Boar Feeder

Boar Feeders

This special purpose dry feeder is constructed of 18 gauge steel and designed with the same great features as our industry leading conversion feeders. The single sided one-space feeder is ideal for feeding a single boar or ad-lib feeding show pig pens.

  • AccuCrank slide gate adjustment provides precise feed flow settings
  • The feeder hopper has a 158 pound capacity and entire unit measures 46”H x 16”W x 16”D
  • Can be mounted with brackets and gate rods in-line with penning, or attached to the wall or floor using the an optional boar feeder mounting bracket (Item# 7800901100), which also allows the feeder height to be adjusted up to 16” off the floor

Easy Clean Handle for Hog Feeders

Make cleaning out hog feeders a simple task. The Hog Slat Easy Clean Handle adjusts to fit any length of finishing or nursery feeder to tip it over without removing from the pen gating line.

  • Easily operated by one person
  • Dump out feed without removing the feeder from its mounts
  • Reduces damage to feeder that can happen during clean out