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Hog Slat®

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Aqua Flo Trigger Nipple - Stainless Steel

The AquaFlo Trigger nipple's forward spring design prevents spraying and reduces spring failure in sow water drinking applications.

Aqua Series 1/2" X 3/8" Nursery Nipple

The Aqua Series Nursery pig water nipples feature a viton rubber O-ring and 304 stainless steel spring for extended durability.
From $2.13

Black Body Shell

Replacement black body shell for Hog Slat medicator pump.

Black Lid

Replacement black lid for Hog Slat medicator pump.

Blower Motor 1/40 HP 115V

Replacement 1/40 HP 115V blower motor for JanAire curtain systems.

Cast Farrowing Stall Flooring

Cast iron farrowing stall flooring sections that interlock with our TriDEK creep flooring sections to complete farrowing crate floor assemblies.
From $94.11

Creep Panels - Galvanized

Heavy-duty galvanized creep wall panels for farrowing crate assemblies.
From $54.00

Creep U-Channel

21-1/2" long galvanized Universal U-Channel used with galvanized farrowing creep panels.

Curtain Bracket for Murphy Brown 1100HD Barn

Hog Slat curtain bracket specifically designed to be used on Murphy Brown 1100 head finishing barns.

Curtain Counter Weight 12 Lbs - Concrete/PVC

Concrete filled PVC tube curtain system counter weight. Used to ensure smooth operation of curtain systems as they rise and fall.