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Country Vet Dispenser & Sprays

Country Vet is a leader in agricultural insect and odor control. Their field-tested systems are economical, effective and safe. Their insecticides are made with Pyrethrins, a natural extract of Chrysanthemum flowers. In addition, all Country Vet insecticide products are EPA registered and USDA authorized for use in food preparation/handling areas and meet all VOC requirements. Choose from the selection of automatic metered spray dispensers, air fresheners and insecticide/fly sprays to control odors and unwanted pests around your home, shop and farm. 

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Country Vet Air Freshener Refill Cans

Country Vet Air Freshener Refill Cans
From $6.95

Country Vet CV-80D Fly Spray

CV-80D is Country Vet's best selling agricultural flying insect control product. It's formidable pyrethrin and solvent-based formula make this top performer a best buy.

Country Vet Metered Fly Spray

Country vet fly spray kills and repels flies, gnats, mosquitoes and small flying moths. Use with the Country Vet automatic dispenser.

Country Vet Automatic Metered Dispenser

Automatic metered dispenser for use with Country Vet metered air freshener and fly spray.

Country Vet Automatic Metered Dispenser Kit

Automatic metered dispenser kit complete with one can of air freshener and one can of fly spray.