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Swine Handling Equipment

From A.I. duties to sorting and moving pigs, Hog Slat helps you complete more tasks in less time. We stock a full line of replacement parts for Contact-O-Max Jr. and Sr. boar carts. In addition to our carcass carts, automated pig removal including Porky's Pick Up and the Hercules Arm makes easy work of moving mortality; and we carry a full line of replacement parts for your unit. When it is vaccination time, our selection of marking items and syringe equipment will keep you efficient and organized.

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Hog Slat® Load Out Door Guard w/ Handles

The Hog Slat® 28" load out door guard with handles attaches to the gate rod at the load out door pen to protect hogs and doors.
From $38.72

Hog Slat® Pig Sorting Panels

Hog Slat® blue pig sorting panel boards to aid with moving pigs. Three sizes available.
From $25.60

Hog Slat® Pig Sorting Panels - Double

Hog Slat® blue pig sorting panel boards to aid with moving pigs. Two sizes available.
From $132.35

Hog Slat® Rattle Jug

Convenient to use blue jug creates rattling noise to help make moving and loading livestock easier.
From $13.86

Pig Sorting Panel - Pink

Special show version of polyethylene sorting panels. Same light-weight construction but now in stylish pink for the arena.
From $25.56

Aluminum Livestock Sorting Panel - Single

Single piece welded construction of heavy grade aluminum creates a strong yet lightweight livestock sorting panel, perfect for moving pigs, calves and other similar sized animals.
From $100.04

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart for Sows

Larger 900 lb. capacity. 18-1/2" wide and 78" tall. 13" wheel height.

Aluminum Sorting Panel - Double

Welded construction of heavy grade aluminum for strong yet light sorting panel. 34" tall.
From $235.06

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart with Sheet Metal Sides

13" Wheel height with solid sides to aid in pig removal.

Hog Slat® Dead Sled

Low profile carcass cart reduces back strain when removing animals from trucks or pens. No winches or cables to maintain!

4 Wheel Carcass Cart with 2 Speed Winch

Avoid injury and make hog carcass removal a safer and easier process with the 4 wheel carcass cart.

50cc Adjustable Syringe with Pistol Grip

Roux style syringe featuring cast aluminum pistol grip with high impact plastic barrel and adjustable settings from 1cc to 5cc.

RazzCan Rattle Can

Shaking the RazzCan creates a rattling noise to help move pigs when loading and unloading from barns and trailers.

48" Rigid Shaft Paddle Stick

48" rigid shaft paddle stick with one piece plastic paddle with noise rattles inside.

DuraProd® 110V Wall Charger

DuraProd 110V base charger with wall plug adapter for use with rechargeable battery pack.

Hog Slat® Load Chute Ground Lift Unit

Hog Slat® ground lift I-beam unit for standard permanent style pig loading chutes. Accepts manual or electric winching kits (sold separately).

Hot Shot® Hi Akaline Batteries

Type C batteries for Hot Shot electric livestock prod handles. PRICED PER BATTERY.

Porky's Pick Up Pig Hearse

Porky's Pick Up is a self-propelled pig hearse that swiftly rides the operatior to the pen for safe, hassle-free roll on loading of dead pigs directly from the ground.
From $273.92

Prima Tech Spray On Animal Markers

Prima Tech animal marking spray colors are durable and stable with reliable spraying in all temperatures. Can will even spray when upside down!
From $6.34

Sharpshock® Standard Handle

Standard Sharpshock® handle comes complete with (4) "C" batteries.

9mm Blank Cartridges

9mm blank cartridges for use with Blitz captive bolt stunners. Box of 50.
From $32.56

A.I. Buddy Bag Rod

Aluminum rod for use with artificial insemination bags.

A.I. Buddy Holder Rod

Aluminum rod for use with insemination tubes and bags.

A.I. Buddy Saddle Only

Rugged solid plastic saddle for A.I. Buddy.