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Poultry Handling Equipment

Make chores in your poultry houses quicker and less strenuous by choosing our Tong Stick and other poultry handling equipement. Proper size and use of migration fencing allows you to control access to some areas of the barn and ensures optimal conditions for your birds. Order now to begin saving time and money at your farm.

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Tong Stik Pick-up Tool

Multiple SKUs available....
Tong Stik is the heavy-weight pick-up tool designed rugged enough for farm use!
From $55.86

33" Trash Gator

SKU: AI3033
Aluminum construction to aid in chicken pick up.

40" Trash Gator

SKU: AI3340
Aluminum construction to aid in chicken pick up.

Chicken Picker Yellow 32"

SKU: 52063
Strong plastic construction and spring loaded handle helps make picking up chickens, trash and other items easier without bending over.
From $23.57

Spring for Chicken Picker Handle

SKU: IS1010
Replacement spring for yellow chicken picker (52063) handle. Priced/sold each.

Handle Replacement for Chicken Picker

SKU: IS1012
Replacement Handle for Chicken Picker (52063).

G4 DOT Reacher

Multiple SKUs available....
G4 DOT Reacher Aluminum Chicken Pickup Tong
From $18.10

Replacement DOT Discs

Replacement metal disc for DOT Reacher

Replacement DOT Rubbers

Replacement Rubbers for DOT Reacher

Fowl Catcher

SKU: 52122
4-1/2" Plastic Handle. 48-3/4" overall length.

45 1/2" Chicken Catching Hook

SKU: HH-012
Chicken catching rod with hook and plastic handle. 45-1/2" total length.

53" Heavy Duty Fowl Hook

SKU: 27100
53" heavy duty fowl hook, useful for catching roosters, turkeys and other larger birds.

Plastic Coated Egg Basket

SKU: 52511
Plastic coating prevents rusting of basket and marking eggs during washing.

30 Egg Plastic Tray

SKU: 52527
Design for the safe transportation of eggs. Can be stacked. 11-1/2" x 11-1/2"

Hog Slat® Chicken Migration Fence

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat migration fencing for poultry housing. Coated Wire 16" high x 12' Lengths.
From $29.08

Migration Fence Bracket-Rod Style

Painted Metal Rod Bracket to support chicken/poultry migration fence panels.

Migration Fence Stand Kit

The migration fence support leg is designed to support the migration fence in multiple ways while using the weight of the fence itself for added stability.

30 Egg Cardboard Flats

SKU: 521105
30 egg capacity trays, molded from high-quality recycled paper. Packaged 140 per bundle. Stackable design conserves space.