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L.B. White®

Browse our large selection of common repair and maintenance parts for your L.B. White® heaters and stock up today so you are prepared to keep your units operating at optimal performance levels this winter.

L.B. White has been a leader in swine heating for over 40 years. From farrowing to finishing, L.B. White offers a full line of forced air and radiant heating products. As the largest L.B. White distributor in the United States, Hog Slat stocks MORE heaters and MORE replacement parts in MORE locations across the country than any other supplier. Save time and money by ordering online for fast shipping directly to your farm. Count on Hog Slat to help you keep your L.B. White heater units working for you when the weather isn't.

To inquire about our extensive inventory and the pricing on all available models, please contact us by telephone at (800) 949-4647, email us at or click here to find your nearest retail location or sales representative
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LB White® Pilot Assembly Gasket

Pilot assembly gasket for LB White® 115, 170 & 250 pilot light forced air furnace heaters.

LB White® Pilot Tube for Classic® 60/346

Tinned copper pilot tubing with nuts for LB White® Classic® 60/346 forced air furnace heaters (LP & NG).

LB White® Pilot Tubing for Guardian® 250

1/4" tinned copper pilot tubing with nuts for LB White® Guardian® 250 (AB250) forced air furnace heaters (LP & NG).