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Plumbing supplies commonly used in hog and poultry barns. Hog Slat offers replacement PVC couplings, valves and fittings as well as repair items, pressure gauges and water meters. Browse our wide selection of drinking hoses, clamps and fittings to meet all your water distribution needs. Maintain your cool cell and drinking water systems with our selection of water filters and screens. 

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TEE REDUCING PVC 2" x 2" x 3/4"

2" x 2" x 3/4" PVC reducing tee. Slip x Slip x Slip fitting.

Volumetric Shut-off Valves

Volumetric shut-off valves allow a set amount of water to flow before automatically closing the valve. Available in 250, 500 and 2,500 gallons models.
From $118.72

Water Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSI

Water pressure gauge with 2" dial face.

1/2" Ball Valve Handle Spigot

1/2" Ball Valve Handle Spigot

1/2" Brass Spigot

1/2" MPT brass spigot fixture.

1/4" x 6' Complete Plumbing Kit with shut off

Fast installation, just drill a hole in the PVC water line and install the clamp around it.

3/4" Ball Valve Handle Spigot

3/4" Ball Valve Handle Spigot

3/4" Brass Spigot

3/4" MPT brass spigot fixture.

3/4" Full Port Brass Spigot

3/4" Full Port Brass Spigot

3/4" Plastic Hose Bibb

3/4" Plastic Hose Bibb

5/8" Red Drinker Hose

5/8" Red Drinker Hose
From $17.90

Complete 3/4" Plumbing Kits

Save time with these prefabricated plumbing kits. Just push hose over 1/2" water pipe and clamp it on.
From $10.32

Rectorseal PVC Cement | Medium Body 602L | Clear | 8oz.

PVC cement for bonding pipes in feed line, fill system and plumbing applications.

Saddle Clamp with Shut Off

Replacement saddle clamp for plumbing kit (56559) and soaker assemblies.

3/8" Black Drinker Hose

3/8" Black Drinker Hose
From $11.84

Rectorseal PVC Cleaner - Clear - 8 oz.

Rectorseal cleaner is for use on all PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe, tubing, and socket-type fittings. It acts as a cleaner by dissolving grease and dirt and helping prepare the bonding surfaces for solvent cementing.

Water Meter w/ Couplings - No Pulse

Cold water unit rated for 1/4 to 20 GPM flows. Horizontal mount only.

1/2" Red Drinker Hose

1/2" Red Drinker Hose
From $19.01

1/4" Barb x 3/4'' FGHT Nylon Hose Fitting

1/4" Barb x 3/4'' FGHT Nylon Hose Fitting

1/4" Barb X 1/4" Barb In-Line Shutoff

Install this shutoff anywhere in a 1/4" water line and eliminate reaching.

Pleated Water Filter Cartridges - 20 Micron

20 micron pleated water filter cartridges used in evaporative cooling systems. 2.5" x 9-7/8".
From $7.41

1/2" Garden Hose - Per Foot

Green braided garden hose. Build your hose with female and male couplers. Priced per foot.

5/8" Nylon Loop Clamp

Bag Of 30

Water Meter w/ Couplings - Pulse

Equipped with 1 gallon pulse output fully compatible with most house ventilation controllers.