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Swine Handling Equipment

From A.I. duties to sorting and moving pigs, Hog Slat helps you complete more tasks in less time. We stock a full line of replacement parts for Contact-O-Max Jr. and Sr. boar carts. In addition to our carcass carts, automated pig removal including Porky's Pick Up and the Hercules Arm makes easy work of moving mortality; and we carry a full line of replacement parts for your unit. When it is vaccination time, our selection of marking items and syringe equipment will keep you efficient and organized.

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13" Tire for Carcass Carts

Flat-free replacement tire for carcass carts.

48" Flex Shaft Paddle Stick Rattle

Plastic paddle with flexible fiberglass shaft and golf type rubber handle. Paddle filled with noise rattles to aid with pig movement.

DuraProd® Rechargeable Battery Pack

DuraProd rechargeable battery pack.

Hot Shot® 110 Volt Wall Charger/Adapter

110V wall charger for use with Green and Red Hot Shot rechargeable electric livestock prod handles.

Sharpshock® Battery Tube & Charger

Sharpshock® rechargeable battery tube and wall charger.

DuraProd® Alkaline Battery Pack

Alkaline battery pack for DuraProd® electric livestock prods.

WayPig® 13 Market Hog Digital Scale

Digital Animal Scale features dual load bars for stability and indicator with lock-on capability.

DuraProd® Battery Powered Handle

Replacement Handle Unit with motor for the Hot-Shot DuraProd (shaft with prongs sold separately). Four C-cell batteries included. Fits any Hot-Shot prod shaft.

Sharpshock® Rechargable Battery Pack

Replacement rechargeable battery pack for Sharpshock® handle SS30-163.

Solid Front Tire for 4 Wheel Carcass Cart

Replacement solid front tire for 4 wheel carcass cart.

WayPig® Replacement Scale Heads

Replacement mechanical scale heads for WayPig® Litter and Market Hog 300 pig scales.
From $120.05

Hog Slat® Speed Crank for Load Chute

Hog Slat® speed crank attaches to a standard drill and allows the user to quickly adjust hand crank winches on swine load chutes.

Hot Shot® 12 Volt Vehicle Charger/Adapter

12V vehicle charger for Hot Shot rechargeable livestock prod handles.

Pig Holders - Self Locking

Self locking pig holders with cable grip and quick release latch. Available in 24" and 35" lengths.
From $26.54

3-1/2" Cast Iron Pulley

3-1/2" cast iron pulley wheel with steel straps for curtain and feed line systems.

DuraProd® Rechargeable Handle

Replacement Handle Unit with motor and rechargeable battery pack for the Hot-Shot DuraProd (shaft with prongs sold separately). Fits any Hot-Shot prod shaft.

Prima Tech 5cc Bottle Mount Vaccinator

Includes three bottle collars (20mm, 30mm,33mm), 20mm/100m Fast Fit and metal luer lock needle nut.

Prima-Marc Vaccinator Spray Markers

Prima-Marc Vaccinator Semi Permenant Spray Animal Markers
From $5.37

Rear Swivel Solid Tire for 4 Wheel Carcass Cart

Replacement rear solid swivel tire with caster for 4 wheel carcass cart.

Sharpshock® Flexible Shafts

SharpShock shafts are so flexible they can be bent up to 270° degrees without breaking. Available in 28", 33" and 43" lengths.
From $14.19

Hot Shot® Power Mite™

Compact, lightweight livestock prod for close contact work.

DuraProd® Replacement Motor and Handle

DuraProd replacement motor and handle. Includes handle with motor and switch, but no battery.

Hot Shot® Red Sabre-Six™ Handle w/ Batteries

The Red SABRE-SIX is a battery-operated livestock prod at an economical price.

Prima Tech Marking Spray Concentrate

Economincal mix and spray concrentrate to mark animals. 16 oz bottle. Use with Pump Up Sprayer (AGR083401)
From $21.42