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Control units for hog and poultry barn ventilation systems. 

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AP® Static Pressure Controller

AP® static pressure controller reads static pressure and adjusts any 3 wire drive unit until preset levels are reached.

Phason® Sensor

Replacement sensor for Phason® MTC-4C and MTC-3
From $16.59

Phason® Sensor Probe

Replacement probe for all Phason® controls except MTC-4C and MTC-3C
From $20.07

Varifan® IC Series Controls

Varifan® IC Series Temperature Controls
From $1,702.24

Phason® Fan and Heater Control

Prevent heat waste by interlocking variable speed fan with heater

Phason® Manual Variable Speed Fan Control

Simple manual speed control for fans. Can be used as a heat lamp control too.

Phason® MTC-4C Auto Variable Speed Fan Control

The MTC-4C Modulating Temperature Control allows you to automatically control ventilation fans according to the ambient temperature.

Phason® Repair Kit

Combination repair kit for Phason® FHC-1D

Hog Slat® Replacement Photohelic® Gauge

Replacement Photohelic® gauge for the Hog Slat Negative Pressure Ventilation Controller (HS653).

VAL Products Humidity Sensor Model 930

VAL Products Model 930 humidity sensors for Horizon controllers.

Grower SELECT® Automatic Curtain Controller

The HS740 Automatic Curtain Controller is used to control up to two curtain machines or linear actuators in order to regulate the temperature inside a room.

Quantum Fan Control

Automatically modulates the speed of ventilation fans.