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BinTrac® Weighing System

BinTrac Installs Easily and Enables Real-time Feed Bin Monitoring

From a single bin to a multi-site system with remote monitoring, BinTrac can be
configured to meet your needs now and in the future.
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BinTrac Feed BinBinTrac Features:
• Easy installation on existing and loaded bins using patented load cell bracket assembly

• Real-time bin inventory by weight
• 24-hour feed use for each of the past 4 days
• Feed delivery validation
• One-year warranty covers lightning damage to load cells – extended warranty available
• Requires no field calibration 
• Chore-Tronics®, Rotem and other controller interfaces available
• Easily retrofit existing bins, even with feed still in bin

Benefits to Growers:
• Improved gain
• Fewer feed out events
• Early warning of potential disease
• Predict bin inventories based on actual feed use rate
• Reduce/Eliminate feed vacuuming
• Eliminate bin climbing and potential injuries
• Save time checking and ordering feed 

BinTrac Load Cells and Indicator

The basic BinTrac system consists of an indicator, summing box and four, six or eight load cell brackets.
BinTrac System Equipment Outline

BinTrac load cells can be installed on existing feed bins, even when there is feed inside. Installation requires lifting the bin leg less than 1/2" and there is no need to calibrate the units in the field. 

The BinTrac digital summing box can be located up to 250' from the bins by running low cost cable and features proprietary isolation technology to protect the load cell from electrical surges and lightening.

The BinTrac weight indicator displays feed inventory for up to 4 seperate bins. Inventory is displayed as total weight in addition to a bar graph representing the feed level in the bin.

BinTrac supports 6 optional output interfaces that can be integrated with several different brands of house controllers including:

• Chore-Tronics II

• Rotem
• Analog Input (0-10v & 4-20mA)
• Frequency Input
• Digital Pulsed
• Proportional (simulates analog load cells) 
BinTrac is a modular, expandable bin weighing system with data collection and remote monitoring capabilities. 
BinTrac Complete Weighing System Parts Outline
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Picture of BinTrac® Breeder Control Module

BinTrac® Breeder Control Module

SKU: MCA-000201
BinTrac® Breeder Control module allows user programmable batching weight and scheduled batch feed operation for poultry breeder flocks.
Picture of BinTrac® Digital Summing Box

BinTrac® Digital Summing Box

Multiple SKUs available....
The digital summing box converts analog signal to digital for measuring and averaging load cell output.
From $240.00
Picture of BinTrac® Fill Level Indicator

BinTrac® Fill Level Indicator

SKU: MCA-000001
The fill level indicator connects up to 4 bins and provides precise on hand feed capacity information.
Picture of BinTrac® Interface Cable & Sensor Wires

BinTrac® Interface Cable & Sensor Wires

Multiple SKUs available....
Interface cable and sensor wires for installing BinTrac components.
From $0.29
Picture of BinTrac® Load Cell & Mounting Bracket

BinTrac® Load Cell & Mounting Bracket

Multiple SKUs available....
Load cell assembly and mounting bracket for "W" style feed bin style.
From $325.00
Picture of BinTrac® Load Cell Replacement Unit

BinTrac® Load Cell Replacement Unit

Multiple SKUs available....
Replacement load cell unit for BinTrac feed management system.
From $245.00
BinTrac® Power Transformer PS17

BinTrac® Power Transformer 115/230VAC to 12.6VDC

SKU: ASY-000237
Power supply transformer to convert 115/230VAC supply to 12.6VDC supply used with BinTrac weighing system.