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Pulleys, Shafts & Bearings

Replacement pulleys, sheaves, shafts and bearings for galvanized and fiberglass fans used in swine and poultry barn ventilation systems. 

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Hog Slat® Laser Fan Pulley Alignment Kit

SKU: HS783
Eliminate premature fan belt wear caused by poor pulley alignment.

1" Pillow Block Bearing Value Series

SKU: EBP20516KP8G5
1" Value Series pillow block bearing with 2 set screws.

3.45" Fan Motor Pulley 5/8" Bore

SKU: PAK3458
3.45" OD fan motor pulley for 36", 48" and 54" belt drive fans. 5/8" bore.

2-1/4" Motor Pulley AK22-5/8

Multiple SKUs available....
Motor pulley AK22 with 5/8"bore.
From $9.13

2.3" Motor pulley AK23-5/8

Multiple SKUs available....
Motor pulley AK23 with 5/8" bore.
From $9.13

2-3/4" Motor pulley AK27-5/8

SKU: PAK2758
2-3/4" fan motor pulley AK27 with 5/8" bore.

3" Motor pulley AK30-5/8

SKU: PAK3058
3" fan motor pulley AK30 with 5/8" bore.

3-1/2" Metal Idler Pulley

SKU: HS993485
Metal idler pulley only with bolt.

3-1/2" Motor pulley AK32-5/8

SKU: PAK3258
3-1/2" fan motor pulley AK32 with 5/8" bore.

3.95" Motor pulley AK41-5/8

SKU: PAK4158
Motor pulley AK41 with 5/8" bore.

5-7/8" Motor pulley AK56-58

SKU: PAK5658
Motor pulley AK56 with 5/8" bore.

7" Dia x 1" Bore Fan Pulley AK74-1

Fan Pulley 7" Dia. with 1"bore.

9" Dia x 1" Bore Fan Pulley AH94-1

Fan pulley 9" diameter with 1" bore.

10" Dia x 1" Bore Fan Pulley AK104-1

Multiple SKUs available....
Fan pulley 10" Dia. 1" bore.
From $27.37

11" Dia x 1" Bore Fan Pulley AK114

SKU: PAK1141
Fan pulley 11" dia. 1" bore.

Chore-Time® Tensioner Idler Pulley

SKU: HB2100
Chore-Time® tensioner idler pulley assembly 3" with zerk.

Chore-Time® Tensioner Idler Pulley (Fenner Drive)

SKU: FT1875
Chore-Time® tensioner idler assembly with 5.5" arm, 3" diameter, and no zerk (Fenner Drive).

Chore-Time® Idler Pulley

SKU: VX3014
Chore-Time® 3" idler pulley kit with dust cap.

Chore-Time® Idler Pulley (Fenner Drive)

Chore-Time® idler pulley assembly with 5.5" arm, 3"diameter, and zerk (Fenner Drive).

Aerotech®/Munters® Idler Pulley

SKU: AFH2406
Aerotech®/Munters® 3" metal pulley with bolt and 3/8" bore.

Cumberland® Idler Pulley w/ Dust Cap

SKU: G91-0058
Cumberland® 3" idler pulley with dust cap.

Cumberland® Idler Pulley (Fenner Drive)

Cumberland® 3" idler pulley assembly with zerk (Fenner Drive).

Cumberland® Idler Pulley

SKU: VX3004
Cumberland® 3" idler pulley.

Hired-Hand® 4" Idler Pulley

SKU: B1146
Hired-Hand® 4" idler pulley with center bolt and nut.