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The Gator-XL™ relies on a separate water motor and chemical feed section to keep the water and harsh chemical from interacting.  The result is a longer lasting medicator for livestock and poultry production.  The Gator-XL features heavy-duty modular construction designed for low cost maintenance and the ability to handle a wide variety of chemicals.   

Hog Slat has over 60 stores located in major livestock and poultry production areas across the U.S to provide local sales and service. 

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Gator-XL™ Medicator

The Gator-XL is the worldwide choice for proportionally adding any solution into a water system for livestock, agriculture, horticulture, sanitation, water treatment, etc.

Gator-XL™ Motor/Pump Connecting Rod Assy

Replacement Connecting Rod for Gator (IS8030)

Gator-XL™ Quick Clip Pump Piston

Replacement Quick Clip for Gator (IS8030)

Gator-XL™ Service Kit

Service Kit for Gator (IS8030)

Gator-XL™ Tension Bands

Replacement Tension Bands for Gator (IS8030). Set of two.