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Farm & Shop Supplies

Supplies for your home, shop and farm offices, including air fresheners, towels and cleaning agents.

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Lumax® Deluxe Grease Gun w/ 18" Flex Hose

Heavy-duty, deluxe pistol grease gun with 18" flex hose.

Cotton/Polyester String Knit Gloves - 12 Pack

Heavy-weight string knit cotton/polyester white gloves. Pack of 12.

SWASH Equipment™

SWASHEQUIPMENT™ will provide shine and gloss to equipment as well as protection from farm soils and grime. Surface Applications: Tractors, trucks, cars, mowers, combines, composters, windrowers, tillers, etc.

SWASH House™

Once treated with SWASHHOUSE™, it will become difficult for unwanted matter to build-up on surfaces. Any soils that may build up are actually held away from the surfaces by the water soluble film “shield.”

SWASH Dust Repelling Treatment

SWASH Dust-Repel is a soil releasing, non-acidic, and non-corrosive product that can be applied to plastic, fiberglass, or galvanized steel fans, cowlings, shutters, louvers, and light traps.

SWASH Cool-Cell™

Reduce build-up and improve the airflow of existing evaporative cooling systems. Surface Applications: Cool-Cell Pads and Equipment