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Lightbulb sockets and fixtures for various applications around your home and farm. Choose from porcelain or plastic light fixtures without enclosures for use in farm shops, offices and control rooms. For lighting applications in your poultry and swine buildings, Hog Slat offers enclosed fixtures with glass or plastic globes that protect bulbs from breaking and make cleaning your ceilings much easier. 

Don't forget to your fixture switches and other electrical supplies to complete a new installation, upgrade or repair.  

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Hog Slat® Clear Plastic Light Bulb Globes

Multiple SKUs available....
For use with incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs 60 watt and less.
From $7.36

Prismatic 7" Clear Plastic Light Globe

SKU: 88095
For use with incandescent or CFL bulbs 60 watt and less.

Incandescent Bulb Vapor Tight Ceiling Fixture

Durable vapor resistant incandescent light bulb ceiling mount fixture features a glass globe with gasket protected by a tough wire guard.

Glass Light Globe

SKU: 88057
For use with up to 100w incandescent bulbs.

Light Base with Globe

Multiple SKUs available....
Light Fixture Base with Globe
From $23.78

Sceptor Waterproof Light Base

SKU: 10120
One piece fixure of glass reinforced polyester resin.

Sceptor Waterproof Socket Only

SKU: 72231
Replacement porcelain socket for Scepter light base (10120)

Light Socket Base

SKU: FE1059
Rated at 150 watt
From $14.77

Replacement Lamp Socket - Porcelain

SKU: EPC15031
Replacement porcelain lamp socket for FE1059 light socket base.

Threaded Base Mount only

Multiple SKUs available....
Threaded Base Light Fixture Mount only
From $10.17

Utility Light 600 Socket Base

SKU: 606-610
Socket base for utility light 600 style jelly jar fixtures.

Porcelain Light Receptacle w/ 7" Leads

SKU: EPC16520
Porcelain light receptacle with nickle plated brass screwshells and 7" wire leads.

Porcelain Light Receptacle w/ 6" Leads

SKU: HE612405
Porcelain light bulb receptacle with 6" wiring leads.

Porcelain Light Receptacle w/ No Leads

SKU: EPC16500
Porcelain with Nickel Plated Brass Screwshells

Plastic Light Receptacle w/ 7" Leads

SKU: EPC16524
Phenolic Plastic with Nickel Plated Brass Screwshells

Plastic Light Receptacle w/ No Leads

SKU: EPC16510
Phenolic Plastic with Nickel Plated Brass Screwshells

Attach-On Light Sockets

Multiple SKUs available....
Attach-On Light Sockets
From $4.52


SKU: 606-3
McGill Light Socket