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Stock tank floats and drinking trough valves from Jobe™, Hudson and Little Giant® to help maintain fresh drinking water levels for your livestock.

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Jobe™ Rojo™ Float Valve

Rojo Float Valves are float operated valves for automatic filling of water storage vessels.

Jobe™ Megaflow™ Trough Float Valve

Multiple SKUs available....
Jobe™ Megaflow™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Underwater Mount
From $69.26

Jobe™ Topaz™ Trough Float Valve

Multiple SKUs available....
Jobe™ Topaz™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Above or Underwater Mount
From $89.95

Jobe™ Tranz Former™ Valve

The Tranz Former will transform common low flow valves into a high flow diaphragm valve while utilizing existing valve as the float, mount and actuator.


Multiple SKUs available....
The unique patented design of the Hudson Cattle float uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve.
From $27.10

Trough-O-Matic™ Stock Tank Float Valve

SKU: 610802
Use this Little Giant® Trough-O-Matic™ stock tank float valve to maintain the water level in your animals drinking tank.

Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Metal Float Valve

SKU: FP0572
Little Giant tank float valve with aluminum housing. More durable than a plastic housing, perfect for livestock water tanks.

Hog Slat® Cast Iron Water Bowl for Livestock

SKU: HS880-S
Heavy-duty cast iron water drinking bowl for livestock; can be used for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and even pets.
From $47.89