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Sow Feeders

Hog Slat manufacturers sow feeders durable enough to withstand the demanding conditions of farrowing and gestation sow barns. Hog Slat sow bowl feeders pivot down so that you can clean them in place, eliminating the need to remove the feeder from the head gate.

Pair either size sow bowl feeder with our SowMax AdLib dispenser to help maximize feed intake during lactation and post-weaning while minimizing labor time and feed waste. Watch our SowMax product videos for complete details.

Upgrade to Hog Slat feeders today and save both time and money!

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Sow Feed Pipe Tightener

T-bolt to adjust feed pipe in sow feeder.

Return Spring for Cable

Tension spring to allow automatic adjustments of ventilation inlets and return feed drop cables.

SS Suspension Cable Roll 1/8" - 400ft

Stainless steel suspension cable roll for ventilation inlet and feed drop actuation. 1/8" diameter in 400' roll.