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Weeden® Poultry Sprinkler System

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Flexible management tool used to counter heat stress and improve performance of tunnel ventilation systems. 

System turns on at short preset intervals sprinkling birds with large water droplets causing the birds to stand.

As the droplets hit the birds, they stand and release captured heat underneath, allowing ventilation airflow to remove it from the building.

The elevated activity also causes the birds to migrate to the feeders and water lines promoting increased weight gain and improved feed conversion.
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Weeden® Sprinkler Control Unit

Weeden® Sprinkler Control Unit

Weeden® sprinkler control unit for poultry barns.
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Weeden® Sprinkler Assemblies

Multiple SKUs available....
Low pressure rotating sprinkler drop assemblies for poultry barns.
From $18.87
Weeden® Manifold Station w/ Valves

Weeden® Manifold Station w/ Valves

Multiple SKUs available....
Manifold station with AC controller and solenoid valves for Weeden® sprinkler system.
From $1,835.14
Picture of Weeden® Sprinkler Control Unit Data Plug

Weeden® Sprinkler Control Unit Data Plug

MM-4 data plug for Weeden® Sprinkler Control units. Allows settings to be transferred from one controller to another.