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Replacement parts and components for your Cumberland® poultry water drinker line systems. 

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Cumberland® J Lock Nipple

Multiple SKUs available....
Cumberland® J Lock Poultry Drinker Nipple
From $1.07

Cumberland® Purple Cap Twin-Lock Nipple

SKU: GCW-10233T
Cumberland® purple cap twin-lock poultry drinking nipple.

Cumberland® Poultry Nipple Wrench

SKU: GCW-2064
Fits over Cumberland poultry nipples to remove and tighten

Cumberland® Regulator Kit

SKU: GCW-3030
Replacement regulator kit for poultry water line

Cumberland® CW-3030 Regulator Diaphragm

SKU: GCW-3001
Replacement rubber diaphragm only for Cumberland CW-3030 poultry water line regulators.

7/16" Float Ball

SKU: 600-015
Float ball for Cumberland® and Impex® risers.

Cumberland® Air Vent Assembly

SKU: GCW-9510
Replacement air vent assembly for poultry water line

Cumberland® Flush End Assembly

SKU: GCW-9500
Replacement flush end assembly for poultry water line

Cumberland® Connector Assembly

SKU: GCW-5020
Connector Assembly to connect PVC poultry water lines

Cumberland® Shut Off Assembly

SKU: GCW-5065
Replacement shut off for PVC poultry water pipe.

Cumberland® Folding Hanger Assembly

SKU: GCW-10008
Cumberland® Folding Hanger Assembly

Cumberland® Hanger Clip

SKU: GCW-9227
Hanger Clip For aluminum clamp GCW-9178.

Cumberland® Support Pipe Clamp

SKU: GCW-9178
Aluminum clamps joining PVC pipe to support pipe

Cumberland® PVC Water Pipe-10'

Multiple SKUs available....
Cumberland® PVC Water Pipe-10' drinker system
From $14.53