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Curtain Systems

Curtain machines, material and components to keep your livestock barn curtain systems in top shape. Hog Slat offers a wide range of curtain machines, curtain machine repair parts, pulleys, cable, curtain material and more. 

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Hog Slat® Spider Gear

Hog Slat® replacement spider gear for GrowerSELECT, Airstream® Curtain Controller (GCC3630) and Hired Hand® PowerTrak® curtain machines (H6602-0236).

4'0" Clear Vinyl Curtain - 16 oz.

4'0" 16 ounce clear vinyl curtain. Cold crack resistant to -40°F.

1/4" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 19

1/4" galvanized 7x19 extra flexible aircraft cable.
From $0.38

4'6" 4.2 oz., Double Hem

Standard 4.2 oz

5' 8" Metal Curtain Bracket

Stop replacing curtain ropes and straps with these powder-coated brackets
From $8.03

Airstream® 1" Thrust Bearing Assembly

Replacement 1" thrust bearing assembly with support block for Airstream® Curtain Controller machine (GCC3630).

Hired Hand® Load Block Assembly

Replacement load block assembly for Hired Hand® PowerTrak® curtain machine (H6602-0236).

Hog Slat® 3/4" Pillow Block Bearing

Replacement pillow block shaft bearing for AT Newell curtain machines.

4'9" 4.2 oz., Single Hem

Standard 4.2 oz

Hired Hand® Aluminum Load Block

Hired Hand® replacement aluminum load block for Hired Hand® PowerTrak curtain machine (H6602-0236).

7' 3-1/2" Metal Curtain Bracket

Stop replacing curtain ropes and straps with these powder-coated brackets
From $9.49

Grower SELECT® Adjustment Collar w/ Set Screws

GrowerSELECT® adjustment collar with set screws for AP® Curtain Controller machine.

Hog Slat® V-Belt 1/2" X 26"

Hog Slat® replacement V-Belt for scraper system gear drive and AT Newell curtain machine.

Hog Slat® 1" Pillow Block Shaft Bearing

Hog Slat® replacement pillow block bearing for 1" shafts with grease-able zerk.

4'9" Vinyl Curtain, Translucent, 16 oz, Single Hem

Premium grade translucent curtain that stays flexible even in cold temperatures.

Grower SELECT® 24" Acme Screw Replacement

Replacement 24" acme screw for 24" GrowerSELECT® curtain machines.

Winch Strap Pair for Cable Free System

Winch strap pair for cable free winching system.

1/8" Galv. Cable Clamp

1/8" Galvanized Curtain Cable Clamp

4'9" Fabtex 160 Super Clear Curtain - 16 oz.

Super clear coating allows the most light transmission of any high weight curtain on the market. 4' 9" width. Priced per foot.

Grower SELECT® 36" Acme Screw Replacement

Replacement 36" acme screw for 36" GrowerSELECT® curtain machines.

Hired Hand® Brass Load Nut

Replacement brass load nut for old style Hired Hand® PowerTrak® curtain machine.

Hog Slat® Winch Mounting Bracket

Winch mounting bracket for curtain adjustment and other needs.

3/16" Galv. Cable Clamp

3/16" Galvanized Curtain Cable Clamp

5'0" 4.1 oz., Single Hem

5'0" 4.1 oz., Single Hem Curtain