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FARMSTEAD Equipment is manufactured and sourced to provide high-quality, durable equipment for our customers raising smaller quantities of pigs, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Our selection of chicken feeders, pig feeders, chicken nest boxes, water nipples, drinking supplies and other equipment has been tested and proven to provide the best value on the market for pastured and outdoor raised animals. 

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5' Poultry Wire

PVC Coated ,150' roll, 1" Hex 20 Gauge

Brower® Outdoor Bulk Hog Feeders

Brower® outdoor bulk hog feeders provide the ability to store large amounts of feed for growing larger numbers of hogs outdoors, on pasture or in rotational paddocks.
From $138.06

Heated 2 Gal Chicken Water Bucket

Heated 2 gallon chicken water drinking bucket features built-in heater with thermostat to prevent chicken drinking water from freezing during the winter.

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats w/ Rheostat Control

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats/Pads w/ Rheostat Control
From $117.09

KANE Single Side Heat Mats

KANE Single Side Farrowing Heat Mats / Pads
From $106.47

Phason® MTC-4C Auto Variable Speed Fan Control

The MTC-4C Modulating Temperature Control allows you to automatically control ventilation fans according to the ambient temperature.

Replacement FARMSTEAD Nest Bottoms

Replacement metal bottoms for the FS300 and FS301 chicken nest boxes.

Trojan® Gravity Flow Pen Water Tank - 2.5 Gal

2-1/2 gallon gravity flow pen water tank for show pigs, livestock and pets. Great, easy to use portable watering device for animals.

KANE Hanging Fence Feeder

HDPE feed trough includes 2 stainless steel clips to hang from fencing or gate panels. Perfect for show pigs, traveling and short term livestock feeding needs.

Trojan® Model 75 Gravity Nipple

Trojan Model 75 pig water nipple, specifically designed for gravity water flow pressure installations.

Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder

Third generation chick feeder helps transition birds to eating out of pan feeders.

6' Poultry Wire

PVC Coated ,150' roll, 1" Hex 20 Gauge

KANE 3 Hole Nursery Feeder - Single Side

Single sided KANE 3 hole nursery feeder is great for feeding weaned piglets until they are 60 pounds.

KANE Double Side Heat Mat 27"W x 60"L

KANE heat mats put the heat where it belongs, under the baby pigs.

KANE Pet Heat Mat Covers

KANE Pet Heat Mat/Pad Polyester Fabric Covers
From $12.22

Replacement Nest Pad Large Colony Style Rollout Nest

Replacement gray plastic nest pad for the FARMSTEAD Large Colony Style Rollout Chicken Nest. Keeping extra nest pads on hand makes cleaning tasks easier since soiled pads can be swapped with clean ones and washed and dried at a convenient time later on.

45 1/2" Chicken Catching Hook

Chicken catching rod with hook and plastic handle. 45-1/2" total length.

Chicken Water Bucket De-Icer Heater

Cast aluminum heater keeps chicken nipple water buckets from freezing. Built-in thermostat controls on/off function.

Heated Outdoor Hog Waterer 2 Hole w/ Lids

Insulated heated water fountain for up to 150 pigs. Will not freeze. Can be installed in a fence line to service two pens. FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTIGUOUS U.S.

KANE Milk Replacement Feeder

The KANE milk replacement feeder is designed to take up minimal space in the farrowing crate.

KANE TD-30 Thermostat

The TD-30 thermostatic control device is designed for safe and effective heat mat surface temperature management. This state of art controller will maintain any pre-selected temperature up to 110°F.

Kuhl® 35 lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

Chicken feeder constructed of HDPE plastic featuring a feed saver grill to reduce waste.
From $23.24

3/4" FPT Bulkhead Fitting for 1-1/2" Hole

Bulkhead fitting for 1-1/2" hole. Inside is 3/4" FPT.

KANE Creep Feeder Hopper

The KANE hopper style creep feeder is designed to start baby pigs on dry feed while still with the sow until weaning.